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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Carter is 6 months!

It seems all too frequent that I find myself asking "where'd the time go?!" lately...but this is especially true for this little guy!  Lucky for you (and me) we have been able to follow this little guy's growth from the time he was in the belly until now!  It is so fascinating to be able to document such profound change in people's lives and in [little] people's development!

Casie and Andy have been so gracious and have kept such an enthusiastic attitude toward me and my photographs and I couldn't be any luckier than to have such wonderful models (I mean really have you seen how gorgeous this family is?!) to work with!!  And really, when you have such a beautiful family could anyone make my job much easier? Seriously!!

...check out this little ham...

It was a little too chilly to be outside for too long, and the wind was incredible, but Carter didn't mind playing dress up!!  In-spite of the wind and temps. we were able to capture a few awesome outdoor family shots....

After our outdoor adventures Carter had just about had enough, and rightfully so.  He was such a sport!  Rarely do outsiders get to experience the tenderness between a mother and a child; I was lucky enough to capture those moments of comfort for C-man and look at the beauty!

After Carter settled for round-well, three really--we were able to capture some great family portraits...

Thanks for an awesome morning, as always!! Now I can't help but look forward to his 1 yr. portraits!!

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